How to guidance on creating my PDP?

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This guide will walk you through all the steps of creating your own Personal Development Plan (PDP), helping you to comply with the Enhanced CPD requirements from the General Dental Council (GDC).

Introduction & Consent

When you first log in to your training account, you will be initially opted out of creating your PDP. When you select the my PDP tab you will have the option to opt in to create your PDP. Simply click the change preference tab and then read and tick the two consent boxes to proceed. 

Investing in the time to set up your PDP correctly will make future submissions much easier and allow you to focus your time on the learning needs you have highlighted.

To start, opt-in to create your PDP. ✔
You MUST tick the two boxes to proceed. ✔

Step 1.1

Please read our introduction and press ✔
Press 'Continue' to create your PDP.

Step 1.2

Confirm your personal details. ✔

Check that you have selected the correct GDC registrant job role as we utilise this information to guide your PDP to the relevant GDC principles and allocate courses accordingly. If you have dual roles ensure you select your GDC registrant role.

Step 1.3

Check your cycle start date. ✔

We will synchronise future cycles from this information and also utilise those details for your personal GDC tracker.

Step 1.4

Confirm your start date is correct. ✔

To make sure that your CPD Tracker is accurate you must ensure that your cycle start date is correct.

Step 2.1

Complete your field of practice. ✔

The new Enhanced CPD scheme asks you to reflect more on your field of practice, professional needs, and your patients. This information is then automatically populated with your PDP and will appear on the final PDF.

Step 3.1

A Personal Development Plan should ideally contain a SWOT analysis ✔

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This addresses what you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses, which is essential in completing your PDP. We will also automatically provide you with course suggestions based on this.

Step 3.2

Dental professionals should follow the GDC ‘Standards of the Dental Team’. ✔

This contains 9 principles. Scanning your skill set in line with the GDC principles will help you to understand and form the basis of your PDP. Address your strengths and areas to improve within each principle to guide your learning and development.

Step 3.3

Identify any opportunities and threats that could affect your progress. ✔

You may have already performed a SWOT Analysis, however, we strongly advise you to utilise our online system in order to keep all of your Enhanced CPD learning goals in one place. This will also ensure that you are presented with courses relevant to you.

Step 4.1

Review the learning needs that have been identified. Enter details in the two boxes for how it relates to your role and the benefits it will provide. You can then either use the suggested courses by clicking 'yes' or you can add your own by clicking 'no' and either searching for an agilio course or writing your own course title in the text field. ✔

You should plan when you will complete your learning needs. 

You can add any additional learning needs at this time. 

You can also remove any of the suggesting learning needs by clicking the cross to the right of the learning need.

You can also click the ‘View Your GDC Report’ button at the bottom left of the screen to see what CPD you have completed previously.

Any courses that are written in blue are external courses from Agilio for example BLS you can still add them to the PDP and once the external course is completed you can upload your certificate against that learning need.

Step 5.1

Review your PDP. ✔

If you are happy with your PDP you can submit to your account. The GDC encourages you to review your plan annually as it relates to your role and daily work. Remember, your PDP is as fluid as your career aspirations. Should your field of practice or anything else related to your PDP change, then you can revisit and update accordingly.

Final Step

Your PDP is completed. ✔

This is a summary of your PDP, you can export as a PDF via the button at the bottom left of the screen.

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