How to resend invites?

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Clicking on the ‘Resend Invitations’ button shall navigate you to the ‘Resend Invites’ page


Information present in the main section of the page:

  • Member’s name & email
  • First invite sent date
  • Last resent date
  • Times resent


A ‘delete’ button is present to the right of the ‘times resent’ column, which allows you to remove a prospective user from the list.

To resend an invite, click on the check box, to the left of a user’s information. There is a text box below, where you can additional information, which shall be sent with the invitation.


You then need to click the highlighted ‘resend invite(s)’ button, in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Export functionality – user(s) ‘resend invites’ information, can be exported to Excel (Export to Excel button, sat above the list of users).


Please note, as stated on the page, ‘if a recipient has not responded to an invitation within 4 days, invitations can be re-sent up to a maximum of 6 times.’


After the 6th attempt, you would need to contact our support team, to raise a ticket.

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